Photos from Griffith Park and Observatory

Last year, my girlfriend and I did a day adventure through Echo Park and Los Feliz (and maybe Eagle Rock?), the neighborhood in Los Angeles where Walt Disney lived. She’s a huge Disney fan. So we visited the cottages that inspired the Snow White cottages, Walt’s old house (we viewed from the street), and finally Griffith park and observatory. Griffith Park, we visited specifically for the merry-go-round which Walt Disney used as the inspiration for the one in Disneyland.

Griffith Observatory, you know even if you’ve never visited. It’s got a fantastic view of the entire city. I especially love seeing how the city rises out of the smog. It’s like the Getty Museum’s view but more expansive. I highly recommend visiting sometime. Even though it’s pretty constantly crowded.

[flickr_set id=”72157651911957785″]