Photos from the California Science Center: the Rose Garden

Last month, we went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the California Science Center. Previously, we’d seen the Pompeii exhibit which I thought was really well done. The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit presents some amazing history. But we thought the flow of the exhibit left something to be desired. It is really popular and though they stagger crowds coming in, there was still a huge crush of people inside. The scrolls themselves were difficult to view because they’re presented flat in a round case in the center. Visitors have to walk around this large table and lean over to see each piece on display. So you have to wait in the exhibit for an opportunity to sneak into the crowd around the scrolls. But while you’re waiting more crowds are coming in.

Obviously, it’s worth the wait. There is a lot to see and it’s a great archive of history. But maybe pick a time when it’s likely not to be as crowded as a Saturday morning.

Afterwards, we went outside to the Rose Garden in which I snapped a lot of photos. And we saw the shuttle Endeavour again.

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