Spoiler Alert: Game of Thrones, S5E4, “Sons of the Harpy”

Well, that was pretty action-packed, right?

Cersei messing with Margaery seems more and more dangerous. Although, we learned just how strong and effective a king Tommen is. That kid has zero authority. I also liked Cersei messing with Lord Tyrell. I assume she did that to get him out of King’s Landing so she could have Loras arrested but it doesn’t seem like the wisest move to send him to negotiate with the Iron Bank. It also doesn’t seem wise for the mother of three incestuous children to start casting stones at “sinners.”

I liked the way Cersei and the High Sparrow quickly discussed the Faith Militant. That’s one of those things they do so well in the show: give the background in a conversation. But then later, Obara’s little speech to her mom about how she made her choice long ago seemed excessive.

So the Faith Militant ransack Littlefinger’s whorehouse–which, FYI, Petyr, really needs some armed guards. And we see in those cuts through that scene that Lancell (Cersei’s former lover, current cousin) has signed up for the Militant.

I do appreciate Stannis’s growing affection for Jon. Jon is a good Lord Commander. He takes those vows too seriously. That makes him a little predictable but it’s what the Wall needs right now.

Littlefinger’s conversation with Sansa was certainly loaded with possibilities. His prediction of what Stannis will do is interesting. I think we’re supposed to believe he’s right in this moment. But his travel back to King’s Landing is super risky. I get that he’s playing both sides, but at some point, he’s going to have to start RSVPing to the crazy Dowager Queen.

And wow, has Sansa had the worst build-up to losing her virginity ever.

Tyrion is the most annoying prisoner ever. I liked the way Jorah handled that.

And those Sons of the Harpy. Pretty good job being queen, Danaerys. You’re really a liberator and peace-bringer.