Spoiler Alert: Game of Thrones, S5E5, “Kill The Boy”

Well, that was an entire episode of what we’ve seen in past seasons of them just ratcheting up the tension. Almost nothing happened until the very end when the stone men attacked Tyrion and Mormont. Then they gave us a false ending of the black screen after Tyrion went under water and that final shot of Mormont discovering the greyscale on himself. That was some real horror movie stuff right there.

I liked the way Dany’s “engagement” to Hizdahr Zo Loraq was handled. She made the decision and announced it to him. It was also interesting to realize Dany is now without her mentors (not that she ever listened to them about much in the first place) but they did lend her a little credibility. Left with Daario, Danaerys isn’t going to get great advice.

I don’t, however, like this “romance” between Grey Worm and Missandei. I don’t mind that it comes loaded with some particular questions but it seems like another distraction.

Jon’s idea with the Night’s Watch is pretty good–he needs the Wildlings on his side–but I don’t like the idea of him leaving Castle Black. That is just asking for a mutiny. But if it gives Stannis more opportunities to correct people’s grammar quietly, then I’m all for it.

Brienne talking to the Northerner and Sansa getting the message from the other lady–it’s all so vague and weird. So when Ramsay decides to slice off Sansa’s finger, she’s supposed to run away and go up in a tower and light a single candle? That is dicey.

Everything about Ramsay / Roose / Theon / Sansa: ew. I’m sure we all shared Sansa’s hidden glee at hearing Roose torture Ramsay about his new brother. But that’s all it was: torture. This family is sick. Even Ramsay’s sex idiot Miranda seems like a cruel torturer. And it was short lived, we learned Roose sees Ramsay as a partner, at least for now.

That glimpse of Valyria was amazing though.