The orange and blue color scheme of every movie

My dad noticed this the other day while we were watching Columbiana: that it looked color-wise like other similar movies. (I added the still above from Pain & Gain which is hella orange and blue.) Priceonomics does a quick overview of why every movie looks sort of orange and blue. The writer chases down a couple of theories:

One theory — which originates with blogger Todd Miro — is that the orange-and-blue trend is driven by this affinity for contrast. If you make your actors as warm and orange as plausible while making them still look human, and make the shadows and the background as blue as possible, you’ll have a vibrant screen, and a pretty darn complementary palette.

But something they overlook is that digital camera sensors often shoot warm by default. Not just amateur cameras but the pro models too. That’s “the look” of the sensor.