You know when you have a dumb idea and you decide to write a comic book

That’s what I did this week. Last Thursday, I texted my friend Axeslasher and ran an idea for a comic book past him. The idea seemed to bridge our individual interests. He responded, “You know I’m fucking in.”

I shared a doc and we started brainstorming. We had some characters and a lot of ideas about atmosphere and tone but no real plot. I’m all about plots. That’s what gets me writing. Sunday morning, I woke up early and did a little reading on the subject about which we’re writing. I got the whole plot in my head and frantically typed it into the shared doc on my phone while lying in bed.

Monday, I woke up at 4am and thought up more details to the first issue. A few hours later, I was typing the script. Axeslasher and I had lunch and talked characters and details. I finished the script Monday afternoon. It’s shorter than a standard comic book but it should give us a launching pad for what we want to do. Neither of us has ever made a comic book so we have to start somewhere. Best to start small.

I realize this is a whole lot of vague statements about work that we won’t reveal until we have actual details. But my blog seems like the place to note how quickly the initial steps of this collaboration came together.