Photos from Hearst Castle

My girlfriend and I recently took a trip up the Central Coast of California to the Hearst Castle. If you dont know, that is the literal castle built by William Randolf Hearst on his family ranch in San Simeon. The scale of the house and grounds is too enormous to do justice to it. Visitors enter the ranch off the Pacific Coast Highway. A bus takes you on a fifteen minute trip up the ridge to the castle. They don’t offer one tour of the entire house and grounds–that would take too long. So you choose from several of specific tours. We saw the upstairs rooms.

The castle is full of Hearst’s art collection. Ceilings from Italy, fireplaces from France, rooms full of Madonna and Childs–that sort of thing. The guide made sure to tell us that the castle is not a “staged” historical site–this is how Hearst left it. It’s curated of course and cared for but there is a completely different feeling to touring it versus Monticello, for example which feels stale, like a diorama of an historical site.

I have so many pictures from the trip that I’ll follow up with the ranch and grounds next week and photos from other sights in the Central Coast after that.

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