Star Wars Prequels (and Original Trilogy) Open Thread

Not sure if any of my nerds will be interested in this but I thought I’d start a Prequels open thread along with The Force Awakens open thread. (And of course, we can discuss the original trilogy here as well.)

I just watched the two prequels (Episode 2 and 3) that I had never seen and… I didn’t like like them but I think there is an interesting story there. It’s just clumsily told. I thought Episode 2 (the poorly titled Attack of the Clones) was the best of the three. Episode 3 suffered from too many threads to tie up and too many long battles. Lucas had the scale all wrong throughout the prequels. It’s hard to care about a personal quarrel when a galactic threat is looming. So anyway, if you want to discuss in more depth, hit the comments.