I make things.

Mostly digital things. You can read, listen, and download everything at the links below.

Things I've Made


Since 2015, my friend Taylor Trask and I have made a podcast centered around comic books and geeky culture. It's now called Panelism. Visit panelism.ink to subscribe.


I've been writing songs and recording music since I was a teen. So brace yourself. It's all available on Bandcamp.


I've written several fiction and non-fiction books. The one pictured here, a brief non-fiction book about the Mormon end times is especially good. Buy them all on Amazon.


I've written millions of words for myself and employers. A good selection of them are on Medium.


Occasionally, I pick up a camera and try to figure out what I'm doing. See my photos on Flickr.

Get In Touch

todd at heytodda dot com