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I make intangible things.



I create podcasts with my friend Taylor Trask as part of Our main podcast is Coffee & Comics -- a weekly show in which we each choose a coffee and a comic and discuss them. You can listen right here or subscribe through Stitcher, iTunes, Google Play or any place podcasts are found.

Nonfiction books

So Much For The White Horse

So Much For The White Horse

Glenn Beck, Ted Cruz, and the End of the End Times

During the 2016 Republican Primaries, Glenn Beck believed Ted Cruz had been anointed by God to become President. Spoiler alert: he hadn't. This is the story of Beck's belief in a Mormon prophecy that somehow led to his endorsement of Cruz.

good. simple. open

The values that lead to better work is a book about how to do good work. It presents the little idea: if you want to do good work, aim for simple and open. 

The book offers ideas for achieving this goal and reasons to stick to those values. It does so by following its own advice. The essays inside are short and simple. They open jobs that have resulted in bad, complex, and closed work. They offer methods for getting to the good work.

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Unconventional Website Advice

Unconventional Website Advice

The low cost, no BS way to build your business on the web

Unconventional Website Advice is a short book of guidelines to building a small business on the web. The book aims to dispel the conventional wisdom that causes too many businesses to spend their website dollars in the wrong place. With short chapters covering practical details as well as ideas that are the opposite of everything you've been told, Unconventional Website Advice is a quick read that will enlighten anyone kicking off a website for their small business.

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Barry's Cherries

Barry's Cherries

Barry Cherry, B-movie director, moved to Nashville to escape the Hollywood fame game. 

All is well until his friend and former star, Roxy Ramone, spends a drunken night with an aspiring country singer. The night threatens to ruin Roxy’s reputation, her engagement and her job as the upbeat host of a televised wrestling show. Roxy turns to Barry for help.

Barry’s quest to save Roxy from certain infamy leads him back into the confusing, disgusting, ridiculous world of fame-seeking narcissists, sycophantic lawyers and sensationalist reporters. 

Music City really has it all.

Being Good

Being Good

Slav O Se has girl trouble. He should. He's an unrepentant lothario, a teacher at a girls' high school, and he has three sisters.

In Being Good, an altercation at a strip club jeopardizes Slav's beloved job. Hounded by an ambitious, disgusting interim headmaster, Slav should take stock of his lifestyle. Unfortunately, Slav doesn't always do as he should. Instead he dates the school secretary, befriends a young stripper, and trolls grocery store aisles looking for future ex-girlfriends. The resulting fiasco pushes Slav to the brink both of being good and being bad. 


I have recorded a lot of music. You can download it all on Bandcamp.

My latest collection is I Survived the Dogstorm--a collection of singles I released over the past few years. Listen to it here. 


I write about music, work, belief, sex, and the politics of superheroes.


At times, I've been serious about my photography. My Flickr showcases the best of that work.

I also have an Instagram that you can follow: @heytodda


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