“Honey, I had a few beers last night and may have joined a metal band called Hammerdick.”

Friday night I went out alone to see a band that I hadn’t heard much of but knew they had some good attributes–recorded with a talented producer, knew some other good bands, that sort of thing. They did not entertain me. But it was a different form of non-entertainment that I haven’t experienced in a while. They weren’t necessarily bad at what they did, but it was very 90s. I had the feeling that my band from ’93 might have become them if we’d only practiced more. But we’d have had to live in a time warp. To top it off, the crowd seemed to be in a time warp. No one, and I mean no one was smoking. In the whole bar. (I found out later that the bar recently banned smoking but at the time, it freaked me out.) I had a beer and left. (more…)