I’ve published two novels and a non-fiction book about work.

Good Simple Open is out

Available on Kindle and as a cool, pocket-sized paperback. is a book about the ways we work and thoughts on doing it better. The little idea is that to do good work we have to focus on doing simple and open work.

Each chapter in the book is a short, single-sitting essay on the values of staying good, simple, and open. The essays open up jobs that have resulted in bad work and offer methods to make it better.

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Barry’s Cherries

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Barry Cherry, director of the B-movies Too Hot for Tube Tops, Tough Dick and All Balls, moved to Nashville to escape the Hollywood fame game. Within a few years, he has made a quiet but good living for himself by producing a line of videos sold through late night infomercials. The stars of these videos—his Cherries—share his laid-back summer lifestyle.

All is well until his friend and former Cherry, Roxy Ramone, spends a drunken night with an aspiring country singer. The night threatens to ruin Roxy’s reputation, her engagement and her job as the upbeat host of a televised wrestling show. Roxy turns to Barry for help.

Barry’s quest to save Roxy from certain infamy leads him back into the confusing, disgusting, ridiculous world of fame-seeking narcissists, sycophantic lawyers and sensationalist reporters. He makes Faustian bargains, becomes a felon and suffers an unpleasant visit to the doctor. He survives run-ins with wrestlers, the police, an unfunny comic and dreaded bad publicity.

Music City really has it all.

Being Good

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Schoolgirls, Strippers and Secretaries.

Slav O Se has girl trouble. He should. He’s an unrepentant lothario, a teacher at a girls’ high school, and he has four sisters. In Being Good, an altercation at a strip club jeopardizes Slav’s beloved job. Hounded by an ambitious, disgusting interim headmaster, Slav should take stock of his lifestyle. Unfortunately, Slav doesn’t always do as he should. Instead he dates the school secretary, befriends a young stripper, and trolls grocery store aisles looking for future ex-girlfriends. The resulting fiasco pushes Slav to the brink both of being good and being bad.

Tim’s Funeral, a short story included here, takes place four years earlier. In it, Slav must come to terms with a great tragedy: his best friend’s wedding. A drunken recollection of Slav’s own carnal adventures, the story is funny and touching in its own perverted way.

Each story is a window into the candid thoughts of single men in their late twenties. Hilariously depraved and irresistibly bastardly, Slav O Se is a scourge to tight-asses and a champion of loose women.

But is he good?