Hey. I’m Todd A. I make intangible things like books, songs, websites, and pictures. I’m from Nashville, Tennessee but I live in Southern California these days. I’ve been publishing on the web since about 1996 when I experimented with AOL Hometown to make a site evangelizing my three favorite bands at the time: Jonathan Fire*Eater, Palace, and Six Finger Satellite. In 1999, I learned HTML to create my own webzine: Bombast-xxx. Since then, I’ve relentlessly written and coded for the web.

After Bombast-xxx, I started Popshot Magazine. From 2004-2006, I published and ran From 1998-2001, I played in The Carter Administration. Those are some things you might know me from.

In 2004, I published my first novel, Being Good. In 2006, I published my second, Barry’s Cherries. In 2014, I published a non-fiction book about work called, Since 2008, I’ve been performing music solo and with friends and releasing records.

I love the Ramones, Morrissey, Willie Nelson, Pixies and the Sisters of Mercy. I read rock bios and books about religion, the occult, and cults. I love movies in the theater.