Crazy From the Heat

Ok, so here’s the joke. When I left the Carter Administration a friend asked me when I’d be putting out my Yankee Rose, referring to Diamond Dave’s first solo album. But of course, Dave released the Crazy From the Heat EP first. So I decided to do the same.

David Lee Roth’s EP was a collection of covers. As a parody of that, I was already starting on shaky ground. I decided to write my own versions of the songs DLR had covered.

I recorded them with my friends in Slack backing me up. I wrote the songs just after leaving TCA in 2001 but we didn’t get everything completed wrapped up until early 2003.

The initial tracks were recorded at Todd K’s house in our Southern Engineering studio. Additional guitars and the vocals were added in Dean Bratcher’s studio. While there, our friend Sam Powers (of Who Hit John, Superdrag, Guided By Voices, and now… The Carter Administration) provided backing vocals. The entire EP was mixed by Dean Bratcher and mastered by Jim DeMain at Yes Master.


Todd A – electric guitar and singing
Chris S – electric guitar
Nick S – the drums
Ben W – the bass guitar
Sam Powers – backing vocals