Faster Than Bullets (Single + B-Sides)

I wrote “Faster Than Bullets” in January and February 2013. The “demo” included on this record was actually meant to be the start of the final tracking but I knew I had to work on the drums and instead of recording another pass on top of the demo, I just started fresh. I got the basics down pretty quickly and did tons of takes to figure out how to accent the chords and changes. I was super happy with the harmony vocals in the chorus. I never really done anything like that. When I finally got the other melodies finished, I felt like it all came together perfectly. But to show how I got there, the b-sides to this single are the demo and two of the early mixes.

Jeremy Ferguson of Battletapes did the final mix and master. Eric Koda did the illustration. Axeslasher did the graphic design of the cover.