IRL is my new EP — a collection of 5 songs about geeky girls, exotic dancers, goths, moon employees, and one love song to Catwoman.

It was recorded in my house by my friend Allen Morris in 3 sessions during March and April of 2010. Since the themes of the songs were all a bit geeky and since I’m a huge comic book fan, I commissioned my friend Eric Koda to do the cover art for the EP.

Though all my music is as open-source as I can make it and licensed under the Creative Commons, IRL is the first collection of tunes that I’ve recorded with the goal of making it as open as possible. Allen and I made sure from the beginning of the recording that we thought of others using the tracks later. Allen already does a superb job at labeling and ordering his tracks but we wanted to make sure things like the metronome track were included as a separate track so that everyone has access to it.

I hope you enjoy IRL. Please comment or email to let me know what I did right or wrong. And please, remix and share.


Remix or rework any of the songs. I’ll post any remixes here. So send ’em on.

Download the Consolidated Tracks. Drag them into GarageBand or your favorite studio software and do what you like to them.
I Don’t Make Passes at Girls Who Don’t Wear Glasses
Frankly, Mr Turner
Please Come Home
Selina, I’m a Wreck

If you’d prefer to work with the ProTools files, please contact me and I will send those to you.