A Heart That’s Empty

This song has a strange history. Years ago annoyed or amused by mainstream country music, I decided to write a conventional country song with one of those stupid titles they have. I was going to call it “My Heart is on E.” And the chorus would go, “my tank is on F but my heart is on E.” Pretty good, right? I never got any further than that.

Then last year (2009) — I think — I decided to try to write a mainstream-ish country song but not out of any desire to mock it. And I remembered the title. And I hammered out this tune. Which, despite all the cheesy location references, is actually completely sincere, almost fully true, and, I think, a sweet little tune. Every so often, I’ve remembered it and played around. I finally settled the rhythm down from the gallop it began with. And here it is.

I am, of course, mortified that it runs to 4 minutes.

27 August 2010 — First demo recorded on the Tascam DP-004. The baby Taylor in the left speaker, the Yamaha in the right on the lead. Percussion on the face of the Taylor. Singing through a 57. Put your headphones on.

[audio:A-Heart-Thats-Empty.mp3|titles=A Heart That’s Empty]
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