Complain and Complain and Complain

I had a specific person in mind when I wrote this actually. I love the solo section. Just wish I hadn’t sung over it. I stopped doing that live.

I loved the recording with Dean. Pretty sure he suggested shaking the amp to rattle the reverb spring. That’s the noise you hear at the end.

I remember Ryan telling me once we recorded it and he could hear the lyrics clearly that he liked the song even more. That really made me feel good.

I recorded a demo version of this for Carter to Congress:

I don’t think I’ve ever played a Carter Admin song solo before. But I thought this would be cool. From the Liquid Lounge, 11 February 2010.


Complain and Complain and Complain

From the Carter Administration’s 2000 album, Betty Ford Start Packing, the Carters are Coming. Recorded by Dean Bratcher.


Download Complain and Complain and Complain