Faster Than Bullets

3 June 2013 — I wrote this song in January and February of this year. I actually finished the lyrics sitting in my seat before seeing Tegan and Sara at Club Nokia on 1 Feb 2013. Before that, the chorus just repeated “You’ve got the power, girl” and some dumb line at the end. I wanted to say more. As with many of my songs, it’s about a comic book character but it’s really about something more — real stuff, that feeling of being an alien and recognizing another alien.

Recording it was cool too. So on the “record” release of the single, I included the demo and a couple of early mixes. Those b-sides all include draft artwork from Eric Koda when you download the record.

Here’s the final version:

Here’s the demo:

Here’s an early mix with a pretty corny synth sound.

Here’s pretty much the final recording with some different tones in the bridge: