Flat Wendy

Video demo from 18 August 2010.

I wrote this song on 15 August 2010 after a conversation with my friend Leslye during which she asked about my progress on a song called “Flat Wendy.” I didn’t know that I was supposed to be working on such a song. She and I discussed what it could be about. But I went a different way entirely and wrote a song that’s simply non-fiction.

Leslye called me a couple of months ago and left a message. I have Google Voice which attempts to transcribe voicemails with hilarious results.

Thus, the song lyrics.


Hey Todd A
It’s Flat Wendy
It’s Pollock Wednesday so I’m calling you to see
If you need me
If your love-life is in disarray
If you’re wheezing, cause your allergies keep you awake

If you want, you can call me back
If you need me, I’m here to chat