Frankly, Mr Turner

When I put up the Request Line, a friend requested I write a song about the new love in her life, Frank Turner. I worked on a mostly silly song about her stalking him and then put it aside for a while. Then recently, I heard his music in a Hot Topic store and I had all these conflicting thoughts about how appropriate or not it was to hear him there. I came home and wrote this song.

7 Feb 2011 — Emelyne has been singing this song with me for the past couple of months. I thought it would nice to hear her on a recording of it. I recorded this for the 2 Days collection.

I recorded Frankly Mr Turner as part of the IRL collection in early 2010.

You can download the complete IRL sessions on this page as well as the studio tracks so you can do your own remixing.

Live at Viento y Agua, 26 August 2010
From Sipology, 1 May 2010:

The original video demo.


Frankly, Mr Turner
given what I’ve heard
this could be important
or maybe it’s absurd
to warn you of your fame
and the perils it could bring
when I don’t know a thing
about it.

But I hear you
in the store where all the kids hang out
in their vampire shoes
and their manufactured sneers and pouts.
Well I know you
didn’t ask to be sold that way.
But you are tomorrow.
Those kids are today.

Frankly, Mr Turner,
is there any more
we could be doing
to even the score?
I know one of your fans
and she is quite undone
but maybe it’s the risk that
makes it fun.

And after all the pain
wouldn’t it be nice to gain
something for the years you’ve put in.