Hot Sexxx Bikini Contest

From the Carter Administration’s 1999 EP, High On Voting. Recorded in Belmont University Studio A by Andy Roddick.


download The Carter Administration – Hot Sexxx Bikini Contest

This was this EP’s “Spare the Rod” — the wirey-riffed opener.

Some fun facts:
1) Yeh, I’m singing about a particular superhero
2) The song title came from a radio contest of the same name
3) We loved The Onion’s Our Dumb Century book. There was a headline in the 1970s section: “Carter to Congress: Hey Good Buddy, What’s Your 20?” As we were always making reference to the actual Carter Administration, Todd K thought we should sing that over the riff. We bought walkie-talkies for the effect but they didn’t work so we used a megaphone.
4) I don’t have any damn idea what all the chords are in this song