I Don’t Make Passes at Girls Who Don’t Wear Glasses

I wrote this song in the early spring of 2010. Isn’t the subject obvious? I recorded it with Allen Morris for my new EP.

I recorded this song as part of the IRL collection.

You can download the entire collection plus all the studio tracks to make your own mixes at the IRL page.

Live at Viento y Agua, 26 Aug 2010
A rough mix from the IRL sessions:


download I Dont Make Passes at Girls Who Dont Wear Glasses

From Cobantigua, 13 May 2010:

I actually debuted the song live at an Open Mic at The Ugly Mug on 26 April 2010. But here’s the second performance of the song at Sipology in Long Beach.


The books on your shelf aren’t perfectly stacked.
And the magazines in the corner will collapse
with the slightest breeze from your humidifier.
You have different needs than those girls on fashion island.
I don’t mind.

I don’t make passes at girls who don’t wear glasses.
I can’t speak with girls who don’t read.
No, I don’t want to know your name
unless your eyes are nicely framed.

You’re running out of space for your figurines.
And there’s aliens in all your DVDs.
Your comic books aren’t ones I’d choose
but we can agree on our style of shoes.

So let’s correct some grammar
and protest the glamour that surrounds us
with tattoos of Ubuntu and R2D2.