I Fall Hard

I Fall Hard has a really memorable writing experience: I wrote it on New Year’s Eve 2010. I was doing laundry early in the evening and toying with words. I went back into my apartment and started playing with the chords. I tried to make things a little more complex than just the four chords I originally sang to but I knew it was best to keep it simple. After laundry and showering and getting dressed, I worked on the intro picking over and over to get it right.

Todd A - I Fall Hard Single8 April 2011 — the single is out! Download it from iTunes.

I’m singing, playing the guitars and bass and the percussion. Emelyne sings backup and Allen Morris plays the drums. The song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Allen at my apartment and his house.

24 Feb 2011 — Allen sent me a new mix of the song with the lead guitar and percussion added, some eq done and the levels adjusted.


download I Fall Hard (Mix 3)

7 Feb 2011 — In between working on the “hi-fi” version with Allen, I recorded this as a part of the 2 Days collection. Emelyne sang backup vocals on it.

4 Feb 2011 — Last weekend, Emelyne and I went over to Allen’s house to add percussion, bass and backing vocals to the song. I had naively assumed I could handle a simple drum beat but quickly decided not to try. Allen is a decent drummer so he worked on a few beats while we were there. I wasn’t happy with what I heard but he did two takes after we left and got what he and I wanted.

Allen sent me a “premix” version of the song yesterday where he was just working with the levels. Here it is.


download I Fall Hard (Premix)

19 January 2011 — Allen Morris and I started recording “I Fall Hard” last night. The final version will have drums and bass and all the other good stuff on it. We just did the guitars and lead vocals last night. Allen suggested he do a quick mix of what we had so I could offer a preview on my website. Here it is.

[audio:I%20Fall%20Hard%20(Rough%20Mix).mp3|titles=I Fall Hard|artists=Todd A|volume=100]

download I Fall Hard (Rough Mix)