I Remember Girls

17 August 2011 – I started writing this song in May of 2011. I had the basic structure and chords and the chorus down very soon before I was to leave to spend a month in Nashville. I thought, I’ll just wrap it up there. I played with it a lot in Nashville but just wouldn’t commit to a line or two. I’d mumble something on each pass through. Finally, back in California almost two months later, I think I finally decided on those undetermined lines.

The lyrical idea is pretty simple — it’s about being 16. But the sub-text (for me at least) is that I don’t have a girlfriend.

I recorded this as part of the It’s Called a Secret Attack! record.

17 August 2011 — This is a really rough mix of the basic tracks of the recording for my new collection. It’s a click track, 2 acoustics and the vocal. You can read more about the recording sessions in my blog.


Download I Remember Girls (rough basic tracks)