She’s My Kari Byron

20 July 2010 – I’ve been meaning to write a song for Kari Byron of Mythbusters for years. Just thinking about Comic Con this week had her in my mind. So last Saturday, I knocked it out. I like the perspective of the song: that it’s not directed to Kari herself but someone I fancy as my own Kari Byron. I don’t know. I don’t like to make things too complex.

Here’s the single version:

I recorded this for the It’s Called A Secret Attack! record.

I usually can’t convert my songs to ukulele so easily but this one just worked. So here it is again:


She’s my Kari Byron
and I’m her Imahara
I am calculating
while she just blows things up

and she thinks it’s a little bit much
when I ask her to get in touch
with the redhead inside of her

she’s my Kari Byron
a restless little fireball
even if I could I wouldn’t
try to contain it all

she’s my Kari Byron
and I don’t think it’s enough