I’m a Lazy Man

I wrote “I’m a Lazy Man” between June 10th and 17th, 2010. I know this because I’d been emailing my friend David Dewese and he was telling me how he’d just gotten cable in his house and now he just sits and watches television. I constantly think about canceling cable so I can get things done. I also have these conversations with Todd K about how we’re lazy.

The song is pretty lazy as well. I hope it sounds original.

7 Feb 2011 — I recorded Lazy Man as part of the 2 Days collection.

Live at Viento y Agua, 26 August 2010

16 July 2010 — From my set at Cobantigua last night:

Video demo recorded June 17, 2010 also in lazy style. Sometimes, I record video demos 20 times to get the sound a little better and the video not so unflattering. I did “Lazy Man” twice and decided it was good enough.

June 17th, 2010 — the song came together today in a hurry. I’d been playing with the chords all week and had scribbled down the two short verses a few days ago. But I kept toying with the melodies and the b-section trying to find a compromise between being really lazy and making things too complicated. I was also toying with the rhythm and overall feel of the song. I think I had a decent arrangement and chord selection last night. Finally, today I did a run-through of it and everything came together pretty naturally.

So I set up the camera and hit the red button. I screwed up the ending on the first pass and did it a second time to “nail” it.