I Don’t Want To Drive To Long Beach Tonight

26 Sept 2010 — Honestly, it wasn’t my intent to write a song crapping on the whole city of Long Beach. This is more about that feeling of not wanting to go somewhere else to have a good time. That place that’s just a little too far out of the way. And that sentiment sometimes comes out as “screw this whole town.” So I just left that feeling in there ’cause it’s honest.

I’ve had this title for months. Maybe even since the beginning of the year. It came to me when there seemed to be a lot happening in LBC and I was just tired of going up there. The song went through a lot of iterations. I just couldn’t pick something I enjoyed singing. Once I did find a good chorus, the rest came really quickly. All yesterday, I think. Which seems strange today but I guess I knocked the whole thing out during the sea monster marathon on SyFy.