My Biggest Fan (Girls and Boys)

18 SEPT 2010 — Not sure what caused this trip down nostalgia lane this week but I was listening constantly to one of my favorite Nashville bands, Girls and Boys. They were basically the Commitments of Nashville for about a year. But like most bands with 6 too many members, they didn’t last.

Maybe it’s the girl-on-girl harmonies, maybe it’s the tight rhythm section, maybe it’s the feedback and keyboard squeals, maybe it was the massive crush I had on one of the singers, but their three recorded songs bring back such a flood of memories and emotions making me feel warm and sad at the same time.

I was arguably their biggest fan for a while. I once proclaimed: “Girls and Boys‘ encore of ‘My Biggest Fan’ last night rocked in a way that made me want to throw my panties on the stage.” It seemed only appropriate that I cover that song.