This was kind of a request.

Philadelphia – Demo – 15 Sept 2010
[audio:Philadelphia.mp3|titles=the Hit On List – Philadelphia Demo]
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15 September 2010 — I actually started a version months ago with a similar elongated melody for the chorus. But I decided not to listen to those old notes when I started working on the song in earnest this week. I like the chorus melody and I was playing the whole thing a lot more upbeat. And then decided to make it more lullaby-ish for the recording. I was editing chords even after hit the red button. Many takes later and I ended up with this.

Demo recorded on the Tascam DP-004. I actually tried all sorts of setups and ended up with a version with button clicks and fan noise and other unprofessional stuff. I sang through my 57 and didn’t like it. Put the nylon string guitar on there a couple of ways and didn’t like it. Ended up with two takes of the baby Taylor and a vocal. All through the on-board mic.

I don’t know what you can do
You had one child
and now, darling, you have two

And if you need an afternoon
I could take the boy off your hands
You and your daughter could make plans
I think everyone would understand

I don’t know how you keep your cool
The little one cries
and the big one throws his food

And if you could get away tonight
you wouldn’t think it was right
You’d want to kiss them both goodnight
That’s what good mothers are like

you know we’re so proud of you
No matter what comes
we know you can pull it through

I am in awe of you
You had one child
and now, darling, you have two