Please Come Home

The story behind the song is pretty strange. I had just spent a couple of weeks quarantined to my house with the swine flu in July 2009. I started playing these open chords with a capo and they just sounded a little airy and spacey. But I thought I was going to write about what was going on in life at that moment. At least that was my intention. But the words that came to me as I played around were weird and unreal and I just ran with it and imagined a story about working on the moon.

I ended up re-writing all the words to be actually about things that were happening but by that time, they just didn’t sound right and I went back to the moon story.

This was recorded as part of the IRL sessions in early 2010.

All the songs from IRL can be downloaded here. You can also download the studio tracks to do your own remixes.

From a show at Sipology, 1 May 2010:

God, this video looks grim. Let’s blame that on the swine flu I had recently recovered from.

A previous version of the song recorded right after I wrote it:


We take off our tiny suits of gold
and pull on blue boots
and we brace ourselves for the cold
but we know what to do

We work in silence
in lonely violence

We put on our super-static gloves
they help us to touch
and we’re lost among the rocks and dust
it doesn’t mean too much

We work in silence
in slo-mo violence

Please come home
the radio
begs us every hour