She’s A Morning Person

I wrote this song for Jessica Holmes, one of the anchors of the KTLA morning show. She’s adorable and I’ve had a crush on her since I moved to California.

16 July 2010 — From my set at Cobantigua Coffee last night. First time I played it out.

For this video demo, I must have had the settings on my camera kinda dumbed down. The audio’s warbly and the picture ain’t great. But I wanted to capture the moment here. A quieter version appears on YouTube.

I wrote the song yesterday, 7 July 2010. I should probably tell the entire funny story that instigated it sometime but I had been thinking of writing a song about Jessica for a while. I had a whole bunch of dumb ideas for it yesterday but fortunately didn’t have a guitar around until I came up with a little melody that I liked just as I got home from work. I grabbed the guitar and hammered on the song all night. Today I polished and got comfortable playing and singing it. And made a quick video after only a few takes.

I wake up and I turn on her and she turns me on
I like to think it’s mutual but I know I’m wrong
She doesn’t know that I’m convinced
That we’d be great if we got the chance

I’m not naive I know that we just can’t predict
the obstacles at the start of a relationship
but there’s one thing that could get in our way
something that’s so big I’m afraid to say

She’s a morning person and I can’t get out of bed
She’s an early riser when I can’t even move my head
and I know I’m coming on too strong
so I’ll just hang back and sing my song…

Jessica, don’t you wonder what it’s like to hit the snooze
on a weekday keep the shades closed and ignore the news
the one thing that will get in our way
the something that’s so big I’m afraid to say