She’s So High

I live in Orange County, California. There is plenty of inspiration for this.

Demo from 17 October 2010


download She’s So High demo


You should see her in the morning
Before the make-up covers her sweet skin
She doesn’t know what she’s hiding

She’s so high maintenance
and I’m a guy who hates pretense
Even though we may flirt I know in my heart it won’t work

You should hear her after lunch time
counting calories on her waistline
She doesn’t know imperfection’s exciting

It’s a turn-off when she talks about how she thinks she looks when no one would agree
and it’s a turn-off when she shops for more expensive things when a girl looks good in jeans
is it too much to ask for a girl who kicks some ass, who has confidence and class
who won’t dwell on stupid things, who won’t waste my time with flings, who won’t give a damn what the world thinks?

Who’s not high maintenance?