Stay Together For The Dog

I wrote this song in the fall of 2005, I believe. It’s a favorite of mine but since it tops 3 minutes, I don’t play it out much.

[audio:stay-together-for-the-dog-demo.mp3|titles=Stay Together for the Dog – Demo]
Download Stay Together for the Dog – Demo

30 August 2010 — Demo recorded on the Tascam DP-004. Tried to keep it loose. The baby Taylor is the nasty guitar on the left. I recorded it through the onboard mic. My Yamaha leans to the right and I recorded it through the 57. The main voice is also through the 57 leaning left and the b.vox is through the onboard mic and in the right ear.

Todd K and I recorded a version in his attic on 30 December 2009.

Breaking up is hard on both of us
You left home and forgot your electric toothbrush
But maybe there’s someone else whose feelings we ought consider
Our little man, our little four-legged critter

Let’s stay together for the dog
Cause what would he do with no one to love
Who’ll scratch his ears how he likes
Who’ll tell kids he won’t bite
Let’s stay together for the dog

His nose so cold and heart so warm
He thinks his puny bark will protect us from harm
But he’s so loyal. He never causes trouble.
When we fight in bed, he stays at our feet, doesn’t move a muscle

What you don’t know
is that he’s old enough to know
when you scold me.