Tears For Christmas

This song appeared on the 2005 Xmas Single. Todd K and I recorded it in our home studio. I think I wrote it just before we recorded it. It’s a personal favorite.

On December 5, 2010, Emelyne and I recorded a new version of “Tears For Christmas.”

I made a music video to accompany the song:

This is a super rough mix from a cassette from the 2005 Christmas Single.


download Tears for Christmas (Rough Mix)

Joined by David Dewese for New Faces night at the Basement in Nashville, TN on 29 December 2009.

Here’s a video of me playing the song in early December 2008.


Give me a picture frame
Engraved with your name
Anything to hang
Cause hanging round is

All I wanna do
As long as it’s with you
Baby, let me prove,
I’ll be your something

Cause I don’t want any tears for Christmas this year
I don’t want any tears for Christmas this year
I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough of screwing up everything
And I don’t want any tears for Christmas this year

Give me a pink Swatch watch
One that’ll match my socks
Anything to clock
The time til I find you

Give me anything
Or give me nothing
As long as you’re waiting
When I come home tonight

Is this your idea
Of spreading Christmas cheer?
If it is, I wish you’d stop.
Cause I’m still in pain
From all your reindeer games
Babe, you know, I’m about to drop.