The Cops Have Nothing To Go On

2 April 2013 — I had a version of the big riff in the middle of this song banging around for a while. I’d even titled it “The Cops Have Nothing To Go On.” But I kept imagining I’d figure out some way to sing over it. Then this March, a friend had a film project that needed a score that was about 5 minutes and 20 seconds long and had certain cues for which there had to be changes in mood, silence, big hits. I took the main riff that I’d had and built around it.

I had most of the changes down but not the leads. I was headed out to get dinner or something and I quickly decided to record a couple of ideas. I ended up coming up with all the lead guitars really quickly. So when I got back home, I laid them all down properly.

I asked Jeremy Ferguson of Battletapes to mix and master with a really quick turnaround and he delivered. Here’s the result: