The French Song

Obviously, this song is… fucking ridiculous. I have no idea why I wrote a song in French given that I don’t speak French or know anything about it. Blame the Pixies. I’m sure they were the inspiration for a song in another language.

I wrote this song in The Carter Administration. I don’t know if we ever played it live. I wonder. I remember Todd K trying to coach me on the vocals while we were in the studio. I never learned to sing while I was in that band.

We always called this “The French Song” but when we were releasing the Do I Still Look Good?, I wanted to give it an actual French title. So I thought of that scene in Ferris Bueller when Ed Rooney walks up behind someone he suspects is Ferris Bueller and says, “Les jeux sont faits.” However, we didn’t know how to spell that and we asked Todd K’s wife who was apparently just as illiterate in French as I am though she claimed not to be and the title ended up on the CD as “Le Jeu S’en Fait.” I have no idea what the fuck that means.

Fun fact: in the Live at the 5 recording, you can hear Dean (in whose studio we recorded the song) yelling “The French Song.”

Recorded on 29 September 2012 in a collection of demos of old Carter Admin tunes. I got rid of the dumb English bridge and replaced it with a riff. I wish I’d thought of that 12 years ago.