What I wrote 12 years ago about pain in a personal area

Last year, I went through a lot of intense treatment for a chronic pain condition I’ve dealt with for more than 20 years. I wrote a bit about it as I went through it. I’m also writing a book about it (more info on that here) which I pitch as a memoir about “Sex, Love, and Chronic Pain.” After I finished my first draft of the book, I thought, “I need more details about the exams I’ve gone through over the years to try to determine what causes this pain.” I remembered that I’d written something about an IVP I’d had many years ago. When I dug through my archives to find the piece, I was shocked to discover it had been 12 years ago that I’d written up this same story that I’ve now written over and over. It makes me that much more eager to finish this book and close this story: happy ending or not.

Here is that story from 12 years ago. The ending, even now, is the same. (more…)