Forgetting about Facebook

I’ve danced around this issue for years. I’ve deactivated my Facebook account, deleted Pages I created there, and then re-activated. I’ve muted the majority of my friends so that my feed is only the people I need news from at that time and then un-muted everyone. When I began promoting last year, I decided I had to include Facebook in the promotion. I gussied up my Hey Todd A page and made a new one for I decided I would limit myself to checking Facebook only on Monday mornings so that I wasn’t wasting time checking in.

And for a while that worked. Except Facebook didn’t work for me. Friends don’t want to “Like” my pages (and I don’t want to be a dick about pushing those pages on friends). My posts to those pages never get shared. They never generate any traffic to my websites which is what I want. So what’s the point?

When we have social media accounts out there, they are white noise in our brains. Something we hear buzzing around even if we’re not checking it every day. That’s what Facebook is to me. I haven’t pulled the plug entirely but I’ve made a new decision: I’m not pushing any traffic from my sites to Facebook. So I’ve removed the links to those profiles here and on If someone wants to search Facebook, they can find my outposts there. I’ll continue to push content there automatically. But I’m removing the icon from my sites and the acknowledgement that I have a presence there.

It’s a little move but I hope it quiets the buzz of the white noise.