Rodrigo y Gabriela at Humphrey’s

Bryan and I went to see Rodrigo y Gabriela at Humphrey’s in San Diego on Monday night. The venue is amazing. It’s an outdoor stage right on the water.

Rod y Gab were awesome again. I’ve seen them twice on the 11:11 tour now and those shows differ from the time I saw them before that album. They were looser the first time I saw them. They played long medleys of songs, switching from one to another right in the middle of the tune. It was incredibly exciting to watch. On the 11:11 tour, they’ve seemed more concerned with presenting the tracks from the album. There’s more chit-chat. Gab, usually, will explain a little about the song.

And while the performances are exciting, there is a bit of a start-stop quality to the whole show. I sure hope they incorporate the music from 11:11 into their endless medley performances and don’t stop the rocking. But then, that’s probably incredibly painful. Whatever they do, it’s amazing and it was fantastic to see them in such a cool venue.

I especially love that they keep things so simple. Though they’ve started incorporating pedal effects (mostly wah-wah but a little distortion for Rod), it’s still just two acoustic guitars. And they wear jeans and t-shirts. That’s my kind of band.